Time flies. And so do we.

If you've ever been to the cliffs along the Dallas Road waterfront in beautiful Victoria, BC, odds are pretty good that you have seen some of us winged-folk, soaring in the southerly winds that grace the bluffs and provide a three-dimensional playground in which to play.

There is a higher calling, however, and many of us heed it when able, heading to the mountains on Vancouver Island and adjacent Gulf Islands and taking flight from higher reaches, often being joined by eagles, hawks, and ravens.  Paragliders are quiet, slow flying aircraft. The views don't fly by, instead, we are immersed in them.

Jayson Biggins has been flying, teaching, and taking people on tandem flights for over 20 years on the west coast of British Columbia.  He is an Advanced rated (P4) pilot, Senior H.P.A.C. Paragliding Instructor and Tandem II Instructor. Come share his enthusiasm for the sport of paragliding and leave the world behind! The season typically runs from April through October with flying happening on the southern part of Vancouver Island and nearby Salt Spring Island.

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