Tandem Flights

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Tandem Paragliding requires very little in terms of physical ability. If you're able to jog 10 yards/meters, weigh between 80lbs and 220lbs (37kg and 100kg) and don't have severe ankle, knee, or back problems, you're all ready to go.


First, you need to make an appointment. Please contact us a few days before your desired date to ensure availability. Best to send us an EMAIL , or text (250) 514-8595.


We use two different locations and, depending on the day's predominate wind direction, we will pick the best site. This decision is made the evening prior to your flight.


It is important to stay flexible because paragliding, even more so than most other outdoor sports, is extremely dependent on the right weather. If your tandem flight is weathered out, you may reschedule at your convenience.


PRICE: $300


More details

Once you meet with your instructor, you will be taught the basics of paraglider flight - launch, landing, and what you can and cannot do while in the air. You will also learn some of the specifics of the site you will be flying and the route you'll most likely be following. This will make it all the easier for you to enjoy the flight afterwards.


There is a waiver that needs to be signed before flying.


If you want a video of your paragliding experience, let you instructor know beforehand and he will be sure to record it for you! ($50 for raw footage and photos).


Almost there now! The instructor goes over the equipment with you, the two of you put your harnesses and helmets on, spread out the glider, hook in, talk through the launch procedure one more time , and off you go!


Depending on the weather conditions, you'll be in the air for approximately 10 to 20 minutes (and possibly longer). During this time, you'll learn more about how a paraglider flies, you'll be able to take pictures, or you can just sit back and enjoy.





What should you bring?

Good Shoes (hiking boots are best)

Outdoor Clothing

Light Gloves



Camera (you'll be able to use it in flight)

Snacks, water

All of your flying dreams!


What we provide

Transportation to Launch Site



Tandem Paraglider (with reserve parachute)

Certified Paraglider Tandem Instructor

A dream come true!


How long does everything take?

The flight itself can last anywhere from 10mins - 30mins (weather depending). The total time for the excursion (meeting, driving up to the launch site (which is part of the adventure itself!), setting up the glider, etc.) takes approximately 2 hours.


What is the landing part like?

If you have ever seen a skydiver land with a high-performance canopy, you will have seen how they swoop down near the ground and 'flare' the canopy just as their feet touch down. Paragliders land in a somewhat similar manner - however, due to their much slower ground speed and much lower descent rate, they provide a much softer landing.


Do you just jump off a mountain?

No. Paragliders are launched from specific flying sites and together with the instructor, you take some running strides and are gently lifted off the ground as the glider begins to fly.


Why do I have to take a "lesson" - can't I just go for a ride?

Unlike in Europe, where every mountain resort offers "Taxi-Flights" as pure joy rides, in Canada, the federal aviation body (Transport Canada) allows tandem flights exclusively for instructional purposes. Not to worry, you will still get to enjoy the pleasure of free flight but you will end up learning a thing or two in the process! (e.g. the basics of what makes a paraglider fly, how it is controlled, launched and landed, etc.).


I am afraid of heights! Can I still do it?

Believe it or not, but many pilots (paraglider, hang glider, fixed wing, etc.) are actually afraid of heights. There is a significant difference between standing on the ground on a high, exposed place like a tower or a bridge and being completely disconnected from that ground, flying in an aircraft of some kind. The sensation requires relative depth - so if you have nothing to compare the height to, the sensation isn't possible. You'll have to try it to believe it!